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 Teaching led Petko Slaveykov to Tryavna in 1849. "1853, 25 January: married … Petko, the teacher, and Irina" recorded Priest Yovcho, the chronicler of Tryavna. As dowry from his father-in-law, Petko got the small house which became the birth place of their 9 children of whom 7 survived: Ivan, Donka, Racho, Raiko, Hristo, Pencho, Pena. The family remained here till 1876. The memory of the family is preserved by the small table at which the children learnt to read and write and by the baskets in which Petko used to bring books every time he came back…

 Rocked to sleep by Irina's songs, raised with the books of Petko the teacher, the children took their own roads to education, literature, culture and military, to the creation of the young Bulgarian state.

 The documentary exhibition at the Museum House follows the lives and art of the most prominent people in the family: father and son Petko and Pencho Slaveykov.