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   One of the oldest artistic schools originated in Tryavna during the National Revival. It has three main artistic directions in woodcarving, architecture and iconography. Despite all the changes it has gone through, the woodcarving schools exists even today. A Woodcarving Workshop with the Specialized Museum was set up in 1972. The most prominent works include participation in the furnishing of the Boyana Residence; furnishing the architectural and historic quarter of Varosha in the city of Lovech; ceremonial halls in the cities of Smolyan, Razgrad, Stara Zagora and Isperih; furnishing the reception room in the village of Oreshak; decorations of the villa Ahinora; the Tryavna room in the National Museum of History (an exact replica of the room of Ivan Bochukovetsa in the Daskalova House). In 1977, the Workshop took part in the National Fair and Exhibition in the village of Oreshak where it received high artistic praise and a diploma. Highly qualified woodcarvers, graduates from the Secondary School of Art in the town set up in 1920, work in the Workshop. Their main goal is to preserve the tradition of the school. Elements from old woodcarvings are restored. Replicas of objects kept in the Museum are made. There is no serial production here but unique objects of high artistic value.