The Tryavna School of Iconography is the oldest of our renaissance schools. It came to existence almost 100 years before the others - at the end of the 17th century. It is a phenomenon which impresses with its large scale.
Over 200 Tryavna icon painters spread this art form in more than 500 places throughout the whole of Bulgaria. Keeping the traditions of the medieval Turnovo Art School, they developed it in a new renaissance spirit unifying faith, beauty and harmony. The predominant part of the artistic production of Tryavna icon painters consists of icons but there are also few murals which are performed at a very high professional level.
The names of icon painters Vitan and Simeon Tsoniuv, Yoanikii papa Vitanov, Krustiu and Tsaniu Zahariev, Zaharia Tsaniuv, Priest Dimitur Kunchov, Petur Miniuv and many others contributed to the establishment of Tryavna as the largest artistic center during the National Revival.