The unique atmosphere of Tryavna is due to its original architecture. Several generations of master-builders constructed churches, bridges, schools and the distinctive Tryavna house. The Renaissance architectural ensembles Petko Slaveykov and Assenevtsi /in Kachawun quarter/ have preserved their romantic authenticity. Two-storey houses with bow-windows facing the street and wide eaves attract the admirers of Revival architecture. Among the masterpieces of Tryavna architectural heritage are the houses built by Dimitar Sergyuv. The Kalinchev house /1830/, the Dobrev /1834/, the Raykov /1846/, the Kirev house /1851/ are among the renowned architectural creations of the famous builder.

    Captain Dyado Nikola Square is planned and implemented with care and creativity. Almost every single building of the ones surrounding the square is of remarkable architectural value. The talent of the Renaissance architect is indisputable. The most imposing building of the square is the Old School.

    The vaulted stone bridge built by Dimitar Sergyuv in 1844-45 is linked harmoniously to the tectonic surroundings and the countenance of Old Tryavna. The bridge and the clock tower contribute to the unforgettable atmosphere of the town. “…1814: Tryavna clock tower was built”, wrote the priest Yovcho - the chronicler of Tryavna. The legend says that in order to receive permission of the Otoman authorities to build the tower, Tryavna women had to quit wearing the traditional head decoration, called sokai, which resembled a royal crown. Nowadays the clock tower is one of the symbols of Tryavna. In the evening after the last chime of the bell over the quiet town resounds the song Inseparable on a text by Pencho Slaveykov.